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Make sex the best with your perfect lube. Lube/Oil can be a great addition to sex. When used with condoms, lube increases pleasure for both partners and decreases the risk of condom breakage. Though not everyone realizes it, a little lubricant can make many sexual experiences more enjoyable.
  • K-Y Gel Lubricating Jelly Sterile 82g
    One of the most well-known and trusted lubricants on the market, K-Y Jelly remains the front-runner of choice when consumers are considering which lube to buy. In fact, its formulation is suitable for most people and is available in water-based or silicone-based preparations. K-Y brand is the leader in the personal lubricants category and the number 1 doctor recommended brand. The K-Y brand is also the most trusted brand of personal lubricants by couples. The use of K-Y personal lubricants is a personal preference. It enhances intimacy. The K-Y brand has been around for a long time. Its first incarnation was as a Jelly Personal Lubricant in 1917. Today the K-Y brand occupies the number 1 market position in the lubricant category, and has a 99% brand awareness. The extended K-Y brand personal lubricants line was created to provide safe and natural feeling to help consumers improve their intimacy. K-Y Jelly Sterlie Personal Lubricant is oil-free and easily rinsed away. This fragrance-free and non-greasy formula creates a lubricant that is condom friendly and safe to use every day. Enhance sexual pleasure with K-Y Personal Lubricant that replaces personal moisture for comfortable intercourse.

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  • Moods Warm Lube
    But reapplication of the lubricant or application of water or saliva is usually sufficient to reactivate them. When the lubricant eventually dries out, it may leave behind a residue derived from the other ingredients in the formulation. Turn up the heat and ignite your fiery passion with Moods Warm lubes. Moods water-based lubes are made with carefully selected ingredients to give you and your partner complete satisfaction. Ingredients Moods Warm Gel Lube is made of natural ingredients. Its Dermatologically tested and is safe to be used on skin. Features And Benefits: Satisfy your sexual desire. Dermatologically tested for safety, hence safe on skin Volume- 60ml. x2

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  • Maha Lube Combo (Cool+ Warm + Natural + Strawberry + Aloe)
    The Magic when your Mood(s) meets your KamaSutra Style. The Maha Lube Combo of 5 different lube variants.

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