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  • Velvet Female Condom (3 Condoms)

    Velvet is a women oriented barrier contraception.

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  • Velvet Female Condom (Pack Of 3)

    Velvet is a women oriented barrier contraception.

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  • Feminine Intimate Combo
    Velvet Female Condom: The smoothness and supple texture of velvet enchants and entices us. Similarly Velvet Female condoms also enchant and attract the couple and elevate the user to great heights. When used it is refreshing and comfortable declares Arvind who has made this his favorite.This is a female initiated contraceptive method. Velvet is a women oriented barrier contraception. K-Y Sterile Jelly: One of the most well-known and trusted lubricants on the market, K-Y Jelly remains the front-runner of choice when consumers are considering which lube to buy. In fact, its formulation is suitable for most people and is available in water-based or silicone-based preparations. K-Y brand is the leader in the personal lubricants category and the number 1 doctor recommended brand. The K-Y brand is also the most trusted brand of personal lubricants by couples. The use of K-Y personal lubricants is a personal preference. It enhances intimacy. The K-Y brand has been around for a long time. Its first incarnation was as a Jelly Personal Lubricant in 1917. Today the K-Y brand occupies the number 1 market position in the lubricant category, and has a 99% brand awareness. The extended K-Y brand personal lubricants line was created to provide safe and natural feeling to help consumers improve their intimacy. K-Y Jelly Sterlie Personal Lubricant is oil-free and easily rinsed away. This fragrance-free and non-greasy formula creates a lubricant that is condom friendly and safe to use every day. Enhance sexual pleasure with K-Y Personal Lubricant that replaces personal moisture for comfortable intercourse.

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  • Velvet Female Condom (Pack Of 2)

    Velvet is a women oriented barrier contraception.

    Regular Price: Rs200.00

    Special Price Rs180.00

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