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  • Unwanted - 21 Days Oral Contraceptive Tablets
    Unwanted-21 Days is a Simple, Effective Regular Oral Contraceptive Tablet to prevent unplanned Pregnancy and space the next child. Unwanted-21 Days comes in a monthly supply pack of 21 tablets which is to be taken from the 1st day of Menstrual cycle for continuously 21 days, followed by 7 tablet free days. New Pack is to be started from the 8th day. Unwanted-21 days works by the suppression of the release of the ovum (egg cell) from the Ovaries. They also make it difficult for sperm to reach an egg, or for an egg to implant itself in the lining of the womb. Unwanted-21 days is a product of Mankind Pharma Ltd.

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  • i-pill Daily - Regular Contraceptive Pills

    i-pill Daily is an oral contraceptive pill. Being a regular contraceptive pill with a low dose of hormones, it needs to be taken every day. It is a simple effective contraceptive pill for women, who want to delay their pregnancy or space the next child. i-pill Daily is available in packs containing monthly supply. Each strip contains 21 tablets.

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