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  • V Wash Plus - Intimate Vaginal Wash 100ml
    Good personal hygiene is the first step to good health. While it is an important part of one's daily life, personal hygiene isn't just about having bouncy hair, clear skin and shiny, white teeth. For women, it's also about taking care of the hygiene of their most intimate area - the vagina. Ironically, this is the one area that's often neglected the most. Everyone feels they are doing just fine when it comes to intimate hygiene. It's this sense of misplaced confidence that makes them think that all the talk about intimate hygiene is not for them. Not only do they believe they are safe from irritation, itching, pain, odour, white discharge and infection, they also take a lot of myths about vaginal hygiene for facts
  • Himalaya Intimate Wash 200ml
    Why should women use an intimate wash? During pregnancy, due to hormonal changes, the intimate area is prone to excessive vaginal discharge, irritation, and itching which increases discomfort. Pregnancy hormones cause acidic changes in the vaginal area. To maintain the acidic pH balance of the intimate area, it is essential to include an intimate wash in your personal hygiene routine. Maintaining vaginal hygiene is an important task for women during and after pregnancy. Soap and water are not ideal as soap, which is alkaline, disturbs the vaginal pH balance and can be too harsh. Water alone will not suffice as it has a neutral pH. What it Does: Himalaya FOR MOMS Intimate Wash is specially formulated for women during and after pregnancy to gently cleanse the intimate area, maintaining freshness throughout the day. Key ingredients: Tea Tree Oil helps relieve itching and irritation Pongamia Oil helps prevent odour due to its antifungal property Directions for use: Apply Himalaya FOR Intimate wash gently on the external vaginal area from front to back. Rinse with water and use twice a day or as directed by physician.
  • Himalaya Intimate Wipes 25's pack
    What it Does: Himalaya FOR MOMS Intimate Wipes is specially formulated for gentle cleansing of the vaginal area to maintain freshness throughout the day. Key ingredients: Lavender Oil has a mild, floral fragrance which helps eliminate odour. Pongamia Oil helps reduces itching, irritation, and dryness. Directions for use: Pull out himalaya intimate wipes and gently cleanse the external intimate area from front to back. Dispose after once use.