Breast Pads

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  • Under Arm Sweat Pads by SIRONA (24 Pads - 1 Pack)
    We All Sweat. However, For Those Who Sweat Excessively, You Now Have Sirona'S 'Anti Stain : Sweat Pads' To Become Your New Best Friend. With Our Easy To Use, Disposable Pads You Don'T Need To Worry About Stains & Embarrassment. Just Put Sirona'S 'Anti Stain: Sweat Pads' On The Inside Of The Garment And Forget Sweat Stains. These Are Simple To Use Garment Liners And Come With A Self-Adhesive Glue. These Are Suitable For All Garments & Can Be Used By Both Males & Females. "• Peel off the sticker sheet from each pad • Inverse your top wear & paste the pad on the area where the sleeve is attached to the shoulder.(The area that covers your under-arm). • Enjoy a stain & odour free day. "
  • Sirona - Premium Disposable Maternity Breast Pads - 30 + 6 Pads
    Now, use Sirona 'Premium Disposable Breast Pads' for complete peace of mind during delicate & special period of breast feeding. Sirona Breast pads are a real blessing for ladies while lactation. The continuous wetness in the breastfeeding span becomes very uncomfortable and embarrassing for naive moms. They sometimes have to cope with redness and soreness on the breasts due to rashes developed by over humidity plus it also works as invitation for fungal infection if not taken proper care. Sirona's Premium Disposal Breast Pads are made up of very smooth and has very good absorbent quality. It absorbs up-to 80ml of milk drips. Comfortable and discreet,unique breast pads specially designed to help you stay dry and comfortable. "OPEN : Remove the individually packed breast pad from the packaging. PEEL : Peel of the release paper from the pad. PLACE : Place the breast pads inside your bra so they are centered on your nipples. If you’re using a cream or ointment for sore nipples, apply it before putting the breast pad in place. "
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