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  • Manforce Extra Dotted Condoms - Butter Scotch Flavoured 10's

    One thing that we all should remember is that women enjoy oral sex as much as men enjoy cunnilingus. It gets all the more better when she can feel an exotic flavor while holding your manliness on her mouth. Butterscotch is an exciting flavor that is liked by women world over for its buttery and distinctive taste. For those who are not familiar, butterscotch is derived out of brown sugar and butter. Manforce Butter Scotch flavoured condoms are made to make your oral sex delightful, exciting and intensely passionate.

     In addition to tasting your manhood the flavor will make her wanting more and the whole affair will turn into passionate indulgence. She would love to taste your manhood as long as possible due to the intense butterscotch flavor and this will make her feel completely aroused making it easy for you to move your organ inside out. Try Manforce butter scotch flavoured condoms next time and see how intense your love making session gets into.

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  • Velvet Female Condom (Pack Of 3)
    The smoothness and supple texture of velvet enchants and entices us. Similarly Velvet Female condoms also enchant and attract the couple and elevate the user to great heights. When used it is refreshing and comfortable declares Arvind who has made this his favorite.This is a female initiated contraceptive method. Velvet is a women oriented barrier contraception.

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  • Pregakem Card-Pregnancy Test Kit - Pack of (1+1)

    HCG Urine Pregnancy Test Kit. Add 3 drops of urine sample into sample well. Read the result within 5 minutes.

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  • KS Longlast Spray - Buy 1 Get 1 Free + Rs 20 Off


    Kamasutra brings you this LongLast spray to keep your passion burning even at wee hours. Designed to enhance and prolong lovemaking, the LongLast spray delivers silky smooth lubrication and takes you and your partner to a higher plane of ecstasy. Feel the ultra-sensation and sheer sensitivity as go on for hours making beautiful, sweet memories. The LongLast spray extends pleasure to satisfy your sexual appetite.

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  • Kamasutra Honeymoon Surprise Pack - 24 Condoms
    An Intensely passionate assortment of exciting condoms. An assortment of Dotted, Ribbed, Longlast, Intensity, Superthin, Wet n’ Wild and flavoured Condoms with 24 disposable bags + 1 Pleasure Points booklet, 1 Love Dice, 1 KS Key Chain, 1 Feather Teaser, 1 Satin Blindfold and 1 Scented Gel candle.

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  • Moods Variety Pack
    EIGHT CLASSIC ASSORTMENTS IN ONE PACK This pack contains "Moods Art of Love and Love Making" book and assortment of Moods Condoms viz. Ultrathin(2pcs), Dotted(2pcs), All Night(2pcs), Ribbed(2pcs), Chocolate Flavoured(2pcs), Scented(2pcs), Coloured(2pcs) and Fruit Flavoured(2pcs).

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