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  • The Screaming O: The Big O Pleasure Ring For Men

    The Big O vibrating ring features a two-function motor and a stretchy and firm erection band that keeps him harder longer. Press the button once for steady and strong vibration and press one more time to tease, please and tickle with powerful multifunction pulsation. The Big O gives couples maximum stimulation with intense targeted vibration for the kind of sexual experience The Screaming O is famous for!

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    Special Price Rs1,121.00

  • The Screaming O: The TriO Pleasure Ring For Men Reusable

    The Tri-O takes dual-action vibrating rings to the next level with not 1, not 2 – but 3 separate accessories for ultimate pleasure sensations for him and her. A super-powered top motor stimulates her clit and a separate bottom motor gently tingles his nether regions, while an additional “Baller” attachment comfortably fits around his testicles to send the buzzing sensation around the “boys” for some extra special TLC. Plus, under the “Baller” ring is a special taint tickler sends subtle vibration to the sensitive spot many couples forget to touch! All 3 stimulation accessories, combined with the erection-enhancing power of the one-size-fits-all cockring, make the Tri-O the ultimate couples cockring. Three’s not a crowd anymore!

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    Special Price Rs1,691.00

  • The Screaming O: The Two-O Pleasure Ring For Men

    You ask, and we listened! The Two-O lets the women show the men what all the screaming's about, with TWO powerful mini stimulators attached to a super-stretchy silicone ring. The top motor tingles her clit, while the bottom motor give him an intense buzzing sensation – and when both motors are going, unique pleasure knobs help turn his penis into a human vibrator! The Screaming O has doubled up on a good thing and given couples everywhere something to scream about together!

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  • The Screaming O : The Big O Glow

    The Big O Glow is the brighter big brother to the original vibrating ring. Featuring an LED light that flashes and shines along with the vibration and pulsation of its multi-function motor. Its thicker erection band keeps him hard and ready to glow as the fun light shows him where to go! When switched to pulsation mode, the 9-function stimulation sensation teases and tickles, leaving her tingling – and with a quick switch, bring her home with the steady powerful vibration that The Screaming O is famous for! Turn your bedroom into the ultimate disco!

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    Special Price Rs1,472.00

  • The Screaming O: Color Pop Owow

    The ColorPoP O Wow combines the 3-speed plus pulse power of the Screaming O 3plus1 Bullet with a stretchy and snug erection-enhancing ring and extended pleasure ticklers for her. Super-powered with super-bright colors, the ColorPOP O Wow brings couples the ultimate in vibrant vibration.

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    Special Price Rs1,662.00