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A spray that can help men with premature ejaculation problems prolong the length of time they have sex by six times. Now dont swallow penis enlargement pills when you could rub a cream on your penis for enlargement
  • Himalaya Himcolin Gel Combo (Pack Of 3)
    Action: Muscle relaxant: Himcolin causes vascular engorgement of the penis, which strengthens and sustains erection because of its muscle relaxant property. The drug’s anti-inflammatory property has a soothing effect on the penis, when applied topically. Antioxidant: The natural ingredients in Himcolin have potent antioxidant properties that control and prevent local oxidative damage. This action corrects the impaired cavernosal (a sponge-like area around the penis that has most of the blood during erection) function in erectile dysfunction. Indication: Erectile dysfunction Key ingredients: Climbing Staff Tree (Jyotishmati) relaxes penile vascular smooth muscles, which causes vasodilation and results in penile erection. It also acts as a rubefacient, which stimulates sensitive nerves of the penis. Musk Mallow (Lathakasthuri) is an aphrodisiac agent that enhances sexual desire and enhances erectile sustenance. Directions for use: Please consult your physician to prescribe the dosage that best suits your condition. Available as a gel. Side effects: Himcolin is not known to have any side effects if used/applied as per the prescribed dosage.

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  • Super Viga 100000 Long Time Delay Spray
    Made in Germany ​Advantage: Increase sexual stamina and ejaculation timing upto 30 to 45 minutes. 100% Original & No side effect. How to Use? Use 15 minutes before intercourse. Wash your penis 1st. Apply 3 short sprays on penis 1st on the top of penis, 2nd on the center of penis & 3rd on below part of penis.

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  • KS Longlast Spray - Buy 1 Get 1 Free + Rs 20 Off


    Kamasutra brings you this LongLast spray to keep your passion burning even at wee hours. Designed to enhance and prolong lovemaking, the LongLast spray delivers silky smooth lubrication and takes you and your partner to a higher plane of ecstasy. Feel the ultra-sensation and sheer sensitivity as go on for hours making beautiful, sweet memories. The LongLast spray extends pleasure to satisfy your sexual appetite.

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  • Dindayal Original 303 Gold Power Oil
    Dindayal 303 is a unique combination of Kesar (Saffron) and other important herbs like Ashwagandha Proceseed with Hariral and Swarana (Gold) 100% Ayurvedic product which is safe & natural.

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  • Baahubali Manforce Condoms & Staylong Gel Maha Combo
    Baahubali Manforce Condoms & Staylong Gel Maha Combo

    PleasureDude brings to you super maha exclusive Manforce Condoms to celebrate the success of Baahubali:
    This combo comes with all Manforce Condoms 10s Packing Varients and 1 Pack of Staylong Gel

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