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  • Moods Variety Pack
    EIGHT CLASSIC ASSORTMENTS IN ONE PACK This pack contains "Moods Art of Love and Love Making" book and assortment of Moods Condoms viz. Ultrathin(2pcs), Dotted(2pcs), All Night(2pcs), Ribbed(2pcs), Chocolate Flavoured(2pcs), Scented(2pcs), Coloured(2pcs) and Fruit Flavoured(2pcs).

    Regular Price: Rs130.00

    Special Price Rs100.00

  • Baahubali Manforce Condoms & Staylong Gel Maha Combo
    Baahubali Manforce Condoms & Staylong Gel Maha Combo

    PleasureDude brings to you super maha exclusive Manforce Condoms to celebrate the success of Baahubali:
    This combo comes with all Manforce Condoms 10s Packing Varients and 1 Pack of Staylong Gel

    Regular Price: Rs1,256.00

    Special Price Rs817.00

  • Manforce 1500 Game Hazelnut Combo

    The latest condom variety from Manforce Condoms:
    1. Super Manforce 1500 DOTS
    2. Manforce Game Exotic 3-in-1 Ribbed, Dotted Condoms
    3. Manforce Extra Dotted Hazelnut Flavoured Condoms

    Regular Price: Rs250.00

    Special Price Rs163.00

  • Manforce Hazelnut Flavoured Monthly Combo

    The latest from Manforce Condoms: Hazelnut Extra Dotted Flavoured Condoms

    Regular Price: Rs240.00

    Special Price Rs180.00

  • Manforce GAME 3-In-1 Condoms Monthly Combo

    Manforce GAME 3-in-1 Ribbed-Dotted-Anatomically shaped Condoms are the Perfect catalyst for a perfect, fun loving and wild love making with your lover.
    The lady is sure to get carried away with the 3-in-1 effect of Manforce GAME Condoms.
    Gift your lover the worth she desires and deserves. Teat ended condoms for better fitting.
    A perfect gift for someone you have always loved and wish to love more and more : Manforce GAME Condoms.
    The latest innovation by Manforce Condoms : Stimulating Ribbed with Dotted Texture.

    Regular Price: Rs270.00

    Special Price Rs235.00

  • Super Manforce 1500 Dots - Litchi Monthly Combo Condom (3 x 10'S)

    No chance to compete with the Manforce SuperDotted Litchi Flavoured Condoms ( 1500 Dots )
    The best you can gift your lady of dreams.
    It's a must have for the Passionate Lovers.
    This is sure to make your Lady Go Wild At you and she will want more and more of you.
    Exclusive New Flavor and Latest innovation from Manforce

    Regular Price: Rs240.00

    Special Price Rs170.00

  • Manforce Choco-Strawberry Bi-Monthly Combo Condom (3 Each X 10'S - 60 Condoms)
    This combo value pack is a mix of the heavenly delicious chocolate and the out of the world taste of strawberry. PleasureDude brings to you this exclusive bi-monthly combo of Manforce Chocolate and Strawberry Condoms

    Regular Price: Rs480.00

    Special Price Rs398.00

  • Manforce Chocolate Monthly Combo Condom ( 3 X 10's)
    It is cliched to say that marriages are made in Heaven. Everyone looks forward to bliss and harmony in sexual life. But the couples would like to be cautions on certain issues, thus it is recommended to use Manforce Chocolate Flavor condoms. Chocolates have a universal appeal andchocolate flavor condoms are hot selling cakes. Vijay suggests this to couples who are newly married and would like to be safe and secure. He promises that using this will bring peace and happiness in one's life.

    Regular Price: Rs240.00

    Special Price Rs199.00

  • Manforce Strawberry Monthly Combo Condom ( 3 X 10's)
    You must have heard of film songs praising strawberry fruit which is compared to a maiden. We are fond of strawberry ice creams which tastes out of the world. Similarly Manforce condoms are flavored with Strawberry to pep your spirits and kindle the passion in you. This condom ensures a safe disease and pregnancy free sex. Judy who is in her late thirties prefers this type as it reminds her of strawberry fruit. She feels comfortable using Strawberry flavor condoms and so does her partner.

    Regular Price: Rs240.00

    Special Price Rs199.00

  • Kamasutra Honeymoon Surprise Pack - 24 Condoms
    An Intensely passionate assortment of exciting condoms. An assortment of Dotted, Ribbed, Longlast, Intensity, Superthin, Wet n’ Wild and flavoured Condoms with 24 disposable bags + 1 Pleasure Points booklet, 1 Love Dice, 1 KS Key Chain, 1 Feather Teaser, 1 Satin Blindfold and 1 Scented Gel candle.

    Regular Price: Rs400.00

    Special Price Rs385.00

  • Durex Condoms + Lube Combo (24 Condoms + 3 Lubes) Presents the ultimate Durex Jeans Condoms + Play Lube Combo: 1. Jeans Condoms (12 Pouches of 2 Condoms- Total: 24 Condoms) 2. Play Lubes (Tingling + Saucy Strawberry + Cheeky Cherry)

    Regular Price: Rs1,500.00

    Special Price Rs1,370.00