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  • Kamasutra Skyn Condom (Pack Of 6X3 = 18 Nos)
    What has married life to offer? Everyone looks forward to Sex life and the like of it. Condoms become part and parcel of life. While choosingKamasutra SKYN condoms which are made from polyisoprene, it is said that it is made out of a scientifically formulated new non-latex material that provides a supple, more natural feel and has been clinically proven to augment sensation.Kamasutra SKYN condom combines the power of premium latex with the sensitivity of an ultra thin condom for that skin to skin sensation. Try the high sounding Kamasutra SKYN condom and enjoy sex with gusto.

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  • Skore Skin Thin Ultra Fine Champion Condoms 10s
    Play the game of passion with the finesse of a true champion, with Skore Condoms Advanced Range. Skin Thin, the thinnest condom in its class, let’s nothing come in between you and your lover. Now feel and experience more sensation with every single pulsating movement of your lovemaking. What’s more! It comes with a special and easy-to-use disposal pouch. THINNEST IN ITS CLASS/ FREE DISPOSAL POUCH

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  • KamaSutra Skyn Condoms 6's

    Worlds No 1-Non latex Condom

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  • KamaSutra Skyn Extra Lube Condoms 6's
    A revolutionary material, a new world of experience and no natural rubber latex allergies. Combines the strength of premium latex with the sensitivity of an ultra thin condom for that SKYN - SKYN. A SKYN® condom isn't made with natural rubber latex. It is made from Polyisoprene. sensation. Non Latex Material Regular Flavoured Contains 6 Pieces SKYN® condoms are revolutionary condoms made from a scientifically formulated material called Polyisoprene. Because Polyisoprene is not made with natural rubber latex, SKYN® condoms have a softer, more natural feel. SKYN® condoms have been clinically proven to enhance sensation, making a SKYN® condom the closest thing to wearing nothing. SKYN® condoms help make the most of your relationship. Practising safe sex can be super sex, too. In long-term-relationships, SKYN® is an obvious choice for protected sex and pregnancy prevention. It's a responsible alternative to other forms of birth control. So, all this makes SKYN® condoms sexy, smooth, sensitive and safe.

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  • KamaSutra Superthin Condoms 20's

    KamaSutra SuperThin condoms are so thin you will feel there is nothing between you and the ultimate natural sensation.

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