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  • Kamasutra Lube Combo
    KamaSutra Lube - Strawberry 100ml: Strawberry personal lubricant has fruity & light composition that gives you & your partner a feeling of extreme softness. Strawberry Flavour Colorless Water Based,non Staining KamaSutra Lube - Aloe & Vitamin E 100ml: Aloe & vitamin E personal lubricant is formulated with aloe vera and vitamin E for smooth,silky sensation Long lasting Colourless

    Regular Price: Rs800.00

    Special Price Rs770.00

  • Maha Lube Combo (Cool+ Warm + Natural + Strawberry + Aloe)
    The Magic when your Mood(s) meets your KamaSutra Style. The Maha Lube Combo of 5 different lube variants.

    Regular Price: Rs1,580.00

    Special Price Rs1,499.00

  • Bijoux Cosmetiques - Wild Strawberry Kissable Body Powder
    Created with ingredients found in natural cosmetics like Aloe Vera and Shea Butter and paraben free, each will delight and pamper even the most sensitive skin. And each 'kissable product" is made with safe ingestible ingredients like soybean oil or cornstarch. With their amazing attention to even the finest detail, each Bijoux Cosmetiques piece is presented in a beautifully detailed box and each piece is adorned with a removable metal tag with a bow accent. Bijoux Cosmetiques will transport you into a blissful dreamland where all of your fantasies are waiting to come true! The richness of honey and fragrance of strawberries are blended with just a bit of shimmer into a full symphony of scents that come together in a deliciously kissable body powder.

    Regular Price: Rs3,145.00

    Special Price Rs2,831.00

  • Bijoux Indiscrets: Dark Chocolate Massage Candle
    It is sensuous pleasure unlimited. These candles ignite the flame between you and your lover, and bring your innermost desires to the fore. A truly sensuous glide is what they offer for your partner and you as they are a heady combination of the most delicious scents & flavors and vegetable waxes. Melt away and indulge with this sensual and passionate massage candle. The soft glow of this dreamy and titillating massage candle works wonderfully to arouse the senses of touch and smell – and by the time it melts enough for a massage, you are aching for your partner’s touch.

    Regular Price: Rs3,590.00

    Special Price Rs3,231.00

  • Bijoux Indiscrets: Melt My Heart Aphrodisia Scented Massage Candle
    For a sensual massage with aroma of Aphrodisia, light the candle and wait a few minutes until the wax and essences melt together to form a rich balsam. Start the massage with gentle circular movements all over the body and finish with delicate caresses.

    Regular Price: Rs3,590.00

    Special Price Rs3,231.00

  • Voulez-Vous: Massage Oil Desire Rose Petals - 150ml
    Top quality massage oil for those especially lustful situations! Whether the mood is enthralling, sensual, passionate or relaxing – there is a matching fragrance for every desire! Highlights : 4 fragrances for 4 different desires Velvety-soft feel on the skin No preservatives Parabene-free Nourishing to the skin If alone or with your partner or partners (depending on how well your night is going), a massage does so much more than relax a person. It doesn´t matter what you desire, MEO has the right massage oil to match your mood. The oil penetrates the skin making it feel velvety-soft and leaves nothing but an enchanting fragrance and a groomed, tender feeling. With Voulez-Vous massage oils you will experience sensual massages and erotic moments of extreme intensity. Let yourself fall and unleash the lust for more.

    Regular Price: Rs2,199.00

    Special Price Rs1,980.00

  • Shunga: Massage Candle Skin Care Exotic Fruits
    This soy based candle can be used both as an ambiance candle and intimate massage oil. 100% natural oils. Produces a lukewarm oil at the touch. Leaves skin soft and silky. Burns for up to 40 hours

    Regular Price: Rs699.00

    Special Price Rs629.00

  • Durex Condoms + Lube Combo (24 Condoms + 3 Lubes) Presents the ultimate Durex Jeans Condoms + Play Lube Combo: 1. Jeans Condoms (12 Pouches of 2 Condoms- Total: 24 Condoms) 2. Play Lubes (Tingling + Saucy Strawberry + Cheeky Cherry)

    Regular Price: Rs1,500.00

    Special Price Rs1,370.00

  • Durex All in One Lube Combo 3 in 1 Lubes (Tingling+Cherry+Strawberry) Presents the ultimate Durex Play Lube Combo: 1. Tingling 2. Saucy Strawberry 3. Cheeky Cherry Durex Play Lubes ease vaginal dryness and the discomfort caused at the intimate areas. It will in turn enhance intimacy and help relieve stress. 3 x 50 ml Bottle The bottle has a volume of 50 ml. It will last for quite some time. Additional Features The bottle has a unique applicator that allows you to directly apply the gel without messing your hands. This Durex gel comes in a bottle that can be carried along in your luggage bag. All you need to do is remove the cap, squeeze out the amount, leave it for some time to gain the desired result.

    Regular Price: Rs1,200.00

    Special Price Rs1,080.00

  • Durex Play - Cheeky Cherry Lube 50ml
    You need to apply this lubricant from Durex over the condom while preparing for intercourse. This quality lubricant makes the outer surface of your condom smooth and slippery. This smoothness ensures easy and pain free intercourse. The satisfying intercourse brings in fun and reduces stress. It also reduces the amount of pain which the female partner faces during having intense sex.

    Regular Price: Rs400.00

    Special Price Rs360.00

  • Durex Play - Saucy Strawberry Lube 50ml
    Enjoy the taste and aroma of strawberries all year round, perfect for a deliciously intimate experience. Durex Play Strawberry is a fun and fruity way to sweeten up your sex life. Enjoy both the taste and aroma of strawberries all year round for a deliciously intimate experience. Indulge as often as you wish with this sugar-free product which is suitable for both oral and vaginal sex. It's available in 50ml bottles.

    Regular Price: Rs400.00

    Special Price Rs360.00

  • Bijoux Indiscrets Bling Bling Kissable Body Powder 15g
    Bijoux Indiscrets Bling Bling Kissable Body powder. Dazzle your lover with sensual sparkles. Make yourself the ultimate temptation by sprinkling suggestive sparkles over your skin, and allow yourself to be admired. Transform into pure temptation with Bling Bling, and make your decollete and shoulders wholly delectable.

    Regular Price: Rs1,795.00

    Special Price Rs1,616.00