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  • Spark Royal Oil 20ml

    Improves conduction of nerve impulse Relaxes spongy penile tissue Improves blood circulation Helps sustain erection SPARK ROYAL OIL Traditional and well documented herbs known for vitalize male sexual health are combined conjointly in Spark Royal Capsule. Kauncka and shwet Musali increase testosterone and stimulate libido. Also contain Ashwagandha- aphrodisiac and Gukshurimprove erection Indications: Erectile Dysfunction Dosage: Take sufficient quantity of oil & massage gently as and when require or as directed by the physician

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  • Spark Royal Capsules - 10 Capsules
    It helps to increase dynamism and forte, improve upgrading system, improve desire and make the mood.

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  • Spark Royal 10 Capsules (Pack of 2)

    SPARK ROYAL strengthens and tones the sexual glands. Support the healthy production of the sex hormones and very good for increasing sexual debility. It also increases stamina and libido and acts as a restorative nutrient.Rasayana, Balya and Brihan. Helps improve physical strength and performance, 1 to 2 Capsules 2 times a day (preferably with warm milk) or as directed by the physician.

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